The AfricaAway Walking Safari Concept.

As we have seen, the basic Zambian walking safari concept has either involved one-off, usually half-day, walks in the vicinity of one particular camp, or much more serious treks from camp to camp (with your baggage going on separately by vehicle), within a single operator's portfolio, and restricted to just one area (i.e. type of habitat).

However AfricaAway has now virtually single-handedly pioneered a new camp-to-camp walking concept - using individual, non-related, camps. When you come to think about it, there is no reason at all why such walking safaris should be restricted to a single operator's portfolio of camps. So why has this not been done before?

We think that the reason is simply that nobody has actually thought of doing this before on a serious basis. It’s not that the camps themselves don’t want to lose their guests: after all most safari itineraries do involve camp-to-camp transfers. However organising an on-foot transfer, rather than a vehicle transfer, doubling up as a game drive, is a much more complicated affair, and most camps are content to offer the occasional half day walk in the vicinity of their camp instead.

Not being restricted in this way, AfricaAway has been free to devise a number of classic walking safaris, cutting a swathe through a whole National Park, camp to camp, without any restriction as to which camps might be used. In the event it is a concept that has proved to be very popular, both with our guests, and with the camps involved, and we actually feel pretty pleased about creating this new – albeit when you think about it, pretty simple – idea.

The following section - A Typical AfricaAway Walking Safari - describes in general terms how we put together such a walking safari, following which you can read details of each individual such trip in the subsequent 'Our Itineraries' section.