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Walking safaris are probably one of the most exciting and in-demand activities in the African bush, and, together with conventional game viewing by vehicle, provide indelible memories of the scents and sounds of wild Africa.

AfricaAway is a major provider of exciting walking safari itineraries in this area, operating as it does in various African countries, although mainly specialising in Zambia.

The walking safari was first developed in Zambia in the early 1960s, by the legendary Norman Carr, where it has remained the principal location for undertaking this activity. Zambia’s huge advantage over most other safari destinations is that walking is freely permitted in all of its National Parks, rather than just in separate Conservancy areas, as in Kenya. As a consequence Zambia has become the destination of choice for a fine range of walking safaris.

What AfricaAway has done recently is to build on the original concept, significantly extending its range and availability. Although our specialist ZambiaAway website describes the full range of activities that can be undertaken in this, probably Africa’s finest tourist destination, it was felt that our ground-breaking new concept deserved a presence of its own, which is the reason why 'Zambia Walking Safaris’ has been developed as a stand-alone website.

The About Us’ section gives you some background on AfricaAway itself, and our wide range of tourism products in Africa and elsewhere. Then ‘Walking Safaris’ describes in detail what is involved in this activity, for those new to the concept. 'Walking in Zambia' describes the conventional walking safaris that have been on offer in Zambia for several years now. It then goes on to explain the way in which we ourselves have significantly extended this concept to great effect. The final section headed Our Itineraries’ then describes the various new walking safaris that we have put together for your enjoyment, which we are confident represent the very best that Africa has to offer in this area.

We have also included two individual walking safari expeditions in both Tanzania and Botswana, which, although too brief in content to merit individual websites of our own, do extend the range that we have to offer very significantly.