Our Itineraries

AfricaAway is pleased to offer its guests a variety of its own exciting walking itineraries. The three principal ones, are designed to reflect very different terrains, although both are situated in exciting big game territory.

The first two are located within the South Luangwa National Park, where most other commercial walking safaris are based, but the third breaks new ground in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

The two previous sections - The AfricaAway Walking Safari Concept together with A Typical AfricaAway Walking Safari - described the strategy behind, and the overall generic design of, our walking safaris, which is largely followed in each of the itineraries described.

A brief synopsis of each itinerary is provided below. In each case it is assumed that your walking safari forms part of an overall trip, which could include game viewing elsewhere in Zambia, a visit to Victoria Falls, or a period spent relaxing on one of East Africa’s idyllic beaches. We would be pleased to put together every element of your trip for you. Just contact us.

A full description of each of the lodges mentioned below can be found in our main ZambiaAway website, as can all other the information that you might find useful in planning a visit here.

South Luangwa National Park is of course Zambia’s premier tourist destination (although the cognoscenti are beginning to favour the Lower Zambezi instead), and is the location for most existing walking safaris. However, not being restricted to any particular lodge, we have been able to create two majestic routes, the first starting out in the far reaches of the north end of the Park, before heading in a south-westerly direction, cutting a dramatic swathe through the Park, terminating just north of the Park’s main gate, and passing through most of its classic game-viewing habitats. Although we say it ourselves, this is truly an epic journey!

The second route begins just south of the main gate area (which is not in itself an area well suited to walking), and then heads south to a really remote area of the Park, where you will almost certainly be the only human beings present, within a plethora of wildlife. On returning to the main gate area the walk culminates in a visit to a truly classic bush camp, combining this with a visit to the Presidential Lodge itself!

This second itinerary could also be used to extend the first itinerary described above, to create a really iconic trip. The location of both of these itineraries can be seen on the map displayed on an earlier page, and it can be seen that they truly break new ground here, cutting as they do a swathe from the north-eastern end of the valley, down to its south eastern corner, mainly paralleling the Luangwa River.

Our third itinerary is based in the Lower Zambezi National Park itself, an area rarely encountered in walking safaris until now, but nevertheless providing a spectacular background to such. The presence of the mighty Zambezi River adds immeasurably to the experience too, providing as it does the opportunity to extend your activities to include fishing, boating and canoeing.

Further walking safari itineraries, although on a less majestic scale, involve the North Luangwa National Park, and the more remote Kafue National Park.

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Then, as mentioned on the Home page, we have also recently added two exciting walking safari excursions into Tanzania's iconic Ruaha National Park and also into a remote corner of Botswana - click these links for details.