About Us

AfricaAway is a major constituent of the independent UK-based travel company – The Away Company. Our website covers every single African country, and provides links to several individual country-specific websites – Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zanzibar. As a company AfricaAway is regarded as one of the leading African tour operators, renowned for developing a number of unique and innovative tourist activities.

Each of AfricaAway's websites are packed with full details of each country to be visited - National Parks, Camps and Lodges, and the wide range of activities that can be undertaken in each.

Specifically, ZambiaAway deals with every aspect of tourism in Zambia, from conventional game viewing by vehicle, through bird watching, river safaris and fishing, to honeymoons, family holidays and viewing the iconic Victoria Falls.

Thus effectively ‘Zambia Walking Safaris’ is a subsidiary website to ZambiaAway itself.

Historically our specialist destination in Africa has always been Zambia, where we are proud to have developed our own unique range of dedicated walking safaris, based on a radical new concept, as described herein. However we were recently able to also find a way to apply this concept in Kenya, despite the prohibition here from walking in its Government-controlled National Parks.

Accordingly we have also sought to apply the same idea to walking safaris in both Tanzania and Botswana, as an addition to the product already on offer here.

As a consequence we are confident that we can now offer our guests the finest walking safaris in the whole of Africa.

The Away Company's other destination country is Spain, where we are able to offer a large variety of Mediterranean-based holiday properties, together with a selection of rural retreats in the Granada area.

Walking is a major activity for us here as well, and we have developed a specialist website offering a wide variety of walks - self-guided and guided - in and around the classic holiday destination of Nerja.

This unusual combination - Africa and Spain - arises simply from their being the two countries in which the Away Company's innovative founder, Dr Henry Southworth, spends much of his time travelling. Henry's belief is that you should only try to sell an experience that you have a deep personal knowledge of, and a passion for.