The AfricaAway North Luangwa Walking Safari

The North Luangwa National Park provides a very different experience to that encountered in South Luangwa. There are only a few camps located here, and the only roads are essentially in and out, and therefore opportunities for vehicle-based game viewing are limited.


Rather, therefore, a visit here focuses much more closely on walking safaris. Certainly the walking is splendid, although the scope for undertaking significant camp-to-camp treks is rather more limited. Thus, although your transfers from camp to another can certainly be undertaken on foot, most of the walking is limited to that based around a certain location.

Rather than present you with a very specific itinerary here, we would prefer to refer you to our ZambiaAway website to view details of the few camps located here, so that you can judge which most interest you. Once you have decided upon your (time and cost) budget, we can then design a suitable itinerary for you. As always, our SafariDiary website (Days 13 to 16 of the Zambia(1) Itinerary in this instance) is there to give you a much more personal insight into what can be experienced here.

However, as described earlier in the context of the South Luangwa-based Remote Africa walking safari itinerary, there is a certain logic in extending the latter into North Luangwa, since they also own the luxurious Mwaleshi Bush Camp here. Thus combining the former with two or three nights at Mwaleshi, together with a couple of nights at the very different Buffalo or Luangwa North (formerly Delia) Camps, would provide an epic walking safari experience, although we have recently been informed that Luangwa North has now closed down. North Luangwa can be reached either by air, or by a (somewhat long) road journey.

The cost of two nights each at Mwaleshi and Buffalo Camps would be $2240 per person in high season, with the return flight from South Luangwa coming out at about $400 per person.

Mwaleshi Camp

Buffalo Camp

Luangwa North Camp

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